Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Website Redesign III

    It's been a month. Time to completely change everything again, right? It seems to be a reoccurring pattern. I'll be sure to not jinx it and say this is the last version. The last two versions will still remain intact and not be gotten rid of, just upgraded with each other. This new site is a minimalist placeholder that may just be "the site" from now on. The other two can be bonus editions. One is of course for the 1920 hi-res screen while the other is the 1280+ normal version with all of the 5-letter gifs for each option that all match proving I'm nothing more than OCD as hell. 

    This new minimalist "shell" will be hosted on neocities, which is redirected from the landing page on my server. All of the pages will also be hosted here, while all of the content will exist on www.lehr.me under the /content folder. If you'd rather skip out on viewing websites and reading about stuff you can jump straight there if you'd rather download or see/hear stuff that way.


Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Website Redesign II

 Well I did it a little different this time. Of course the personal normal version is still in existance on the landing page. But if you have a hires monitor that does huge screen resolution stuff there's a "different" 1920x1080 website with literally everything in one page, like a few older versions I've had.

Also new to the mix and coming soon is the "Emulation Museum" which will have a vast collection of emulation links. It'll be everything short of the games themselves. I figure that's the only thing missing from the gaming section so it's coming soon.

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Website Redesign (as not promised)

    I swore and promised I'd never do this... and I didn't. As you know there is a mobile version of this website talked about in a previous blog. My personal 5-letter megasite still exists as "The Personal Website of Jerry Lehr." However, there is now a new website in town for high resolution monitors. It's my 1920+ Website. You can get there the same way again, by typing www.lehr.me in your web browser. Instead of jumping to the personal site though there's a shell now that loads almost everything into the middle (if it fits) for monitors like mine. There are more and more I'm sure daily being purchased, and this is slowly becoming the new standard resolution or will be soon I'm sure. The original personal site has been moved to http://www.geocities.ws/jerrylehr and the new shell is in the startup folder ;)

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

    Well, my birthday is tomorrow but I am just freeing up time to do whatever I want, computer free, with my wife, and a TV, and snacks, and Qdoba, and a forest drive, and whatever else. 

    I'll be 41, and I still screw with doom. As nostalgic as I feel lately since I'm getting older, I felt the need to finally work on "Otherworldly" with my storyline and soundtrack I've already done. I just need to make the levels (sigh). Since I know very little about GZDoom's ACS features, I've decided to resurrect a very stale and old series "Chambers of Death" I made in 26 years ago when I was 15 and add a whole mess of new 8-map episodes to make it 200 levels long! This may sound exciting but fear not, for the levels are all the same design over and over with new additions and scripts here and there to test things. The original trilogy was based off of my first working level and more or less also served as a way to test editing of vanilla features way back when.

    The first nine episodes are the first three games. Everything after that up to Episode 25 is all intended to be new stuff. I'm not sure if I will make it this far without blowing my brains out (bad joke I know) but still, I might get so bored making it that you'll be less bored playing it, as it may end up shorter than 200 full maps. You basically walk around two walls and exit in the first level. The level is shaped like a "Z", somewhat, hence the new name (And it was built for ZDoom and GZDoom, also hence the new name).

    Below are some screenshots of various maps, I'll feature just a few of the 200, because I'll leave some of the cooler ones up for suprise. There are actually some cool ideas I intend on filling inside of some not so cool ones for that very element of suprise. You'll probably wonder why I ended up putting so much work into some of them and wasting that time within this paticular mod, but I'm testing things. If I like something I'll probably use the ideas later for real levels!

So prepare yourself, it's coming this year! (I hope)

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Mobile Site Initiated!



I have in one hour written the mobile website with a few links to already existant mobile-friendly subsites. I will be expanding this soon (or tonight).

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Coins, Boards, Dice, and Cards


    Today I booted up D64ifier with the Absynthium Music Pack again, only this time with a map I found called CASLOTR.WAD and CPHOBOS3.wad separately which contains multiple maps, both wads starting at MAP10. D64ifier makes everything more fun than the traditional classic doom for some reason. Plus "Outbreak" plays on the Absynthium Music Pack, which is one of my favorites. Both maps can be downloaded here.

    In other news, there have been or are at least now FOUR at-home made up gaming links under the games pull-down section of my website. One is CARDS, which at the moment only leads to No Limits Blackjack, a card game programmed in college I did music and audio for. Soon that will change. The card game will of course always remain, but I will add new ideas for made-up card games. The other three buttons are BOARD (For X-Boards and Consequencus), 2DICE (For games I made up that take two dice), and COINS (This should also be pretty self-explanatory). 

    On the 2DICE page, I calculate the probability of two dice being rolled, showing that the most possible roll is seven. I utilize this in a few games on the page but have yet to come up with anything super extraordinary yet. At work I have a bunch of dice and a deck of cards in my lunchbox. Usually people throw dice at the end of the night using my dice for fun. I've yet to be like hey, guys, check out my nerdy ass's weird games.

    On the XBoards page, there is a premade version of X-Boards called Frustration that if you open it and print it you'll have a 13-level challenge that could last a while, made for one player.

    Since these are the next areas of my website I will be putting touches on, I figured I'd share a little precursor by having this blog post. Since Consequencus set-up seems like it would be complicated for someone that doesn't know what the hell it is, even after the instructions, I will be building a sample game of 8 worlds to show off how it can be done, or just give you boards to play on instead ;)

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

The Absynthium Collective

    In the works is a full 6CD $30 armaray (dvd case) disc set of music programmed on software synthesizers. I started this small series in 2005 and this one leads up to 2019. The only album/ep not shown is "Continuum II" which was once undergoing several changeups including being extended from one disc to two or three, but in all honesty the original will exist on this set and blog, I just haven't gotten around to finding a good cover for it yet or uploading it all to bandcamp.

    If the bandcamp website or app isn't your thing, I'm also posting the full Absynthium Collective on Youtube with a cam intro by myself. Though this is all "in the works" it is pretty much finished busywork I just have to actually find the right day to have enough free time.

    In other news "A Taste of Euphoria" and "Lost Relics" are the next two in my OTHER series, The Noise Vaults, but the first isn't fully remade/recorded/remixed.

    The next, "Makina Pt 1," "Making Pt 2," and "Plugged" are also in the works, making the series then 9 CDs long so far. A 6CD set of the first 6 "The Noise Vaults 2001-2005 Revisited" will of course be the next in line. 

    Feel free to sample some of the Absynthium Collective mini-albums:


Monday, May 23, 2022

Typical Monday In May

    Today I'm using ZDL to launch all files included in the Doom64-ifier with my Absynthium Music Pack (without the TITLEPIC graphic) and also RAGE20.WAD from Demon Gate 90's Doom Level CD-ROM. I basically picked a CD and wad at random to test D64-ifier and it basically makes anything from the 90's look pretty sweet (Though RAGE20 was actually not bad anyway). It's definitely throwback material. There's no video or anything, just fun! Then I tried it in Project Brutality. NOT FUN!

    I also this morning just got finished sending Luke Wilson (my musician partner with buckshot software at absolute audio) the final pieces of my self-made videos and our interview with each other for the Save and Sound online music festival. This is my one off-day this week, because I volunteered my other. The other project for us this month was a new upcoming teaser with a nice somber intro performed entirely by Luke Wilson.

    Due to this required quick creation, I learned of OBS Webcam software and now obviously own a cheap webcam with audio. So I may or may not be uploading future goods featuring the little cam streaming window on Youtube.

    As for website updates I altered the big main entry to have 14 other website options if you'd rather go somewhere else I'm a part of, such as a bandcamp shop or Luke's studio page. Buckshot Software's official website is also included, as well as countless other things. The only things not really even started (that is not to say all the others are even near finished) are the mobile site, the cd shop, and the Youtube blank space button that doesn't have a name yet. It's kind of a suprise even to me. I have ideas, just nothing in stone.

    As a bit of a run-down I'll just describe the progress and contents of all of the options:

    - www.lehr.me, the main site and first button on the opening, is my primary    website for EVERYTHING. It honestly leads to all of the other stuff on the page they just work as shortcuts

    - Mobile will be the mobile version which contains a white background now as well as prepared sketches by my wife from 2020 as well as a few new ones. It will have limited options as not all of the downloadable content will work on a phone.

    - Blog. You are here. Congratulations.

    - Second Website is my hosted gaming site at doom2.net with my alias dybbuk for gaming. It's listed in doom-related and other game-related profiles for forums, etc. It's basically my second "darker" primarily doom-focused website. It's just missing "more gaming stuff" at the button and that's it. It has all of the actual content the primary site has honestly, or soon will.

    - Doom Megasite is my classic doom megasite project. It will one day be fully functional and feature everything I can possibly fit about doom and related stuff but that day is definitely not today.

    - CD Shop will be my trepstar shopping cart where you can buy various albums in cheap physical formats for collections and showing me support.

    - Buckshot Software, Official Website is actually maintained by me, who is failing at keeping up with news but determined to soon max this site out (very soon)

    - Luke's Site is a direct link to his studio site that also represents our duo soundtrack works under the name Absolute Audio.

    - The Blank space here is possibly for something related to Youtube, I'm not sure yet, but I'm OCD so there better be something else to make things even.

    - The Noise Vaults is the bandcamp shop for all of my guitar stuff.

    - The Synth Stuff is the bandcamp shop for all of my Absynthium collectives.

    - Muzakfiend I have just started. It'll be a sampler of bands I'm into with a few playing mp3s that you can't really download unless you have pretty good basic HTML knowledge, but they're generally singles and radio songs that you can already copy. There will hopefully soon be wallpapers, fonts, and other media added, such as Youtube stuff.

    - Wife's Art are sketches and watercolor experiments from my wife Brianna Lehr that I prepared a website to showcase.

    - Ville Forums is an online community project I had the idea for a long time ago that I really, really need to update if I'm going to have it here. It's basically a lot of busy work and mild researching for me but unfortunately doesn't get much love from any users.

    - DOS Game Riot is a collection of fun flashback games for DOS and DOSBox for people wanting a little piece of historical nostalgia. DOSBox works on any OS/Platform ;) It just needs more appropriate links, for the info is all here. I also need to eventually add a fuck ton of games.

    And there you have it, everything on the main page and its progress!