Saturday, October 28, 2023

Timekillers and Nightmares of Loki 25th Anniversary Edition

Time killers for DOOM is a work in progress that I've stopped progress on for a bit. I have a feeling I might not make my self-created deadline for the OTHER project if I don't. What is the other project? Well, I've already attempted it in 1999. It was a fail bigtime. I said it took four years and the span was definitely four years BUT most of that time was off and on and spent hanging out with friends and doing a band thing. It was also high school so I was mostly there of course. It was called Nightmares of Loki and it may have been disliked by the doom community. This is not a sequel but a reboot, as if that didn't happen, but also since I have a story and an arsenal of stock music I've saved up. I was planning a sequel at first in 2002-2003 called Loki's Realm but since learning some ACS and deciding on extended bestiary I've concocted a 9-episode story with 100+ music tracks and its going to be a tough bite to chew. The sound effects and shitty texture and enemy recolored replacements back then are gone. So are the extremely long levels without any detail. I'm going to shoot finally for actual sized levels and make it look like it was a real game almost. The only thing it will have in common with the original is the dark atmosphere The 9 episodes will be spread throughout three games, the first two having cliffhangers and the third changing perspectives. I wrote Episodes 7-9 in college way back in '03-'05 and did nothing with the story but rewrite it recently. They will be for Doom II this time. The episodes are as follows:

Episode 1: The 25-Year Ghost
Episode 2: The NASA Rebel
Episode 3: Project H.A.V.O.C

Episode 4: In Search of Loki
Episode 5: Loki's Revelations
Episode 6: Universe At War

Episode 7: Leaving Earth
Episode 8: Visions of Loki
Episode 9: Awakening Sage

Saturday, September 23, 2023

September Additions and Plans

Now when you enter you'll find a sixty-track sampler and media player that lets you hear some of the stuff inside without actually even needing to enter yet or at all! 

Future plans for next month include using a shit ton of themed Temu stickers I just ordered and making some handwritten website pages again using sketches, printed stuff, stickers, and other such fun vintage-looking stuff. This time the outer area around the books will have decor too, like skulls and other such props. I'll also use red and amber lights and whatever else I can to get a new tint to things so things are less boring.

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Happy Birthday, Bee!!

Today is my wife's 35th birthday, and in order to celebrate she isn't only getting a medusa tattoo, no. She got an EP of my very first serious vocal recordings I've ever done, since she's the one who wanted to hear them recorded... 

I created four songs for her, and also a cover of her very favorite song... Mad World!

Saturday, July 15, 2023

Noisebox One, Under Construction...



This is my next creation, other than quickly finishing whats left of my site other than the favorite things section. The favorite things section will take months off and on and be more of a background for-fun-fansites sort of thing.

This is Noise Box One...

I am also working on "The Dybbuk's Box of Noise and Fun" which will have all of my recent software creations surrounding music and old games and mods.

What it will do is play every single track I've made, ever. I was going to have it pull stuff from the internet but unfortunately that sets off virus software like crazy! So instead I'll have a free version still, but it'll only have partial amounts of music. The full release will be $20 digitally and over 5 gigabytes including all the music. There will also be a manufactured-on-demand $30 flash drive stick version that comes in an armaray case, hopefully with artwork by Nate Vaught. Nate Vaught did the art for both Cherry Rounders in 2007, and Will and Jerry in 2011.

The Dybbuk's Box of Noise and Fun
will have the "No-no NSFW" music. Over 200 tracks of it. It will also have a shit ton of freeware and old shareware games for DOSBox that launch from it just because, they're normally free! This is to rekindle more old school gaming. I'll even throw in a lot of my favorite doom wads and mods that are licensed for free distribution only. Doom and Doom II will of course be required.

I will also have every single thing on my site in one downloaded chunk, all the music from multiple bandcamps, and other stuff, like my new project HyperNations Talkbox. You'll just have to see what all I end up doing when I release it. For those wondering, Noisebox One will cost exactly the same as The Dybbuk's Box, since the music you are paying for is on both. The Dybbuk's Box will just be a much larger download for you to sit through.

Monday, July 3, 2023

Gaining Momentum... Bellum, Tantrum, and Opium



The trio that makes up Momentum, Disc 1.
I have just finished Opium last night, and
damn I'm satisfied with it ;)

Bellum was a pretty cool start, and my favorite of these three eps

Tantrum was a clusterfudge of both outtakes and new stuff

Opium takes a venture into some more beautiful territory

Saturday, June 24, 2023

Now It's Dybbuk's World

    While the internet was off (well technically it still sort of is until I pay the remainder of our bill Monday) I resurrected a website I found printed off two or three years ago on a full color sheet of paper that inspired me to instead of running two completely seperate websites, one personal as Jerry Lehr and the other gamer alias site Dybbuk81, I'd just use the alias for my personal site and have lead to all my site projects instead.

So behold, Dybbuk's World.

Everything is made.

All I really need to do is make seperate music pages for each album having full descriptions to every track, having each embedded from bandcamp to the page. Right now only a few are like this, and the rest just link directly to bandcamp instead. I want it to be thorough and complete, and I'm very damn close ;)

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

A Week of No Internet

It's been roughly a week since we had the outage across the town and I've decided to part ways with Endeavor Communications for the only other service available way out here in my area, Spark Light. My birthday happened June 9th and I did get my sweet steampunk USB hub shown in the last blog post, the light is just blue not orange.

I recently discovered a little desktop widget app called "Rocket Dock." It reminds me of MacOS the way it gets bigger as you hover the icons. I have everything on my PC set up simplistic and surrounding this little program. So yeah, it better not fuck my shit up ;)

So far out of like 72 "My Favorite Things" pages I've made just 7 layouts and quit already for a while once the internet quit too. Today I finished the outer shell for the PC version of the site, making it look more like a website with something to go along with the dropdown menu above. It is also making it for some reason easier to design. This is possibly due to the fact I only click once and I'm there, instead of hovering under a dropdown menu.

Since the outage has occurred, I've been working diligently this half-work-day and the past week and offdays offline on this full site. I am hoping that when the internet comes back I won't be tempted to upload for at least the small amount of time it will hopefully take to finish my main personal site "The Land of Noise and Fun" minus the "My Favorite Things" section. Mainly I want to finish up "The Noise Vaults" and "The Absynthium Collective" websites.

Thursday, June 8, 2023

As My 42nd Birthday Approaches

Playing some Doom64-ified mod by ENJAY years ago that has the down2.wad level from the Master Levels for Doom II's "Maximum Doom" portion, only with 29-31 other levels ;)

Doom 64ifier makes every old 90s wad look ten times cooler I swear!

Doom 64ifier plus NJDOOM2.WAD from Doom Accessory Pack IV

Today is Thursday, June 8th. Tomorrow I will turn 42. I'm not sure what's in store if anything but I AM getting one small thing I asked for from my parents on a whim...

So far... my wife has gotten me these:

The one on the right has a code to open (and is based off of the work of Da Vinci) while the one on the left is a 128GB steampunk light bulb.

Soon I would like to get ahold of this fucker:

These are all the better-designed way to make up for the deliberate yard sale loss (or goodwill loss at that) of this uselessly large collection:

I also have a couple 128 gb sandisk cruzer glides and a couple 256 gb's of the same.

Tomorrow we shall see if anything else suprises me, but due to lack of fundage lately I'm not expecting anything nor will I be upset if I only get the hub from my parents and just a kiss or something from the wife. I'm spending the night possibly adding a few minisites to the "My Favorite Things" future pages list:

I may redo the KMFDM one, to be better of course, instead.

Friday, May 5, 2023

Another Friday...


Doom4GZ Ray Tracing

My, let me just say!!!! This is A-Maz-Ing!!
I haven't played it much yet, but a doom mod being over a gigabyte in size that ISN'T that one Terrywad made to be large on purpose with no content is bound to be BADASS. This is basically the original doom remade graphically and game-play-wise to function like 2016's reboot of DOOM. The levels are the originals intact so hopefully no cease-and-desist letter will occur and this shit will move out of its Alpha stage and be a real thing. I downloaded it anyway just in case. My classic doom folder is over 600 gigabytes in size now and the classic game was 0.012 (12 Megabytes) lol. Maybe I have an addiction or something.

In other news I am currently just enjoying my lack of computer usage and spending time with my wife and kiddo while I relax from work with a bad back. I have one offday instead of two this week per request to make up for missing two days and only making eight hours each paid time off. Saturdays are usually my "computer stuff" days so I'm spending my Friday with my wife doing house stuff like my Friday should be.

Doom4GZ Ray Tracing

Oh, and playing MORE of this beautiful shit!

Friday, April 21, 2023

My name is Cherry Rounders and I....I Eat Poop!


New Site with New Album coming!!!

This was that old character from 1999 that this past month has scored me $71 in monthly revenue and I've decided to try to make that number higher. Hey, I paid my electric bill!

The new album will connect song to song and somewhat tell a story. I have other album ideas already too ;)