Sunday, January 8, 2023

The Holidays Are Over... Ushering In 2023

    Here's a toast! May 2023 be ten times better than last year in all aspects!!

    In order to start things right I did some research today and found "The 15 Best Free VST Plugins of 2022" to install immediately, minus ones I've already had such as Dexed, and ones that were simply for effects towards the bottom when I got antsy/lazy. To accompany the release of Bellum at the end of last year, I will be working on both Tantrum and Sanctum for this one, as well as several releases afterwords if time will permit.

    On the other end of the coin, where the guitar meets the computer again, the    computer rock trilogy Machines Melodies and Mayhem will be at least planned and partially created this year. It will feature the albums "Blueprint" "Prototype" and "Structure." These will be the sequel to "Plugged" in their style and feel.

    In work news, I have gotten a promotion to the title In-Plant Support at least as a trial. I will use the funds from the raise to get ahead on bills and kick their ass instead of letting them kick my own. You know, adulting. Christmas I had planned to be pretty cool for the kids, as I set them both up with their own computer setup complete with sound systems, and an iPhone a piece. Unfortunately, within a week they got their rights removed trying to sneak things past their mom, and were lacking electronics this morning until further notice --including the X-Box. 

    Now with the help of their trusty Step dad we have set up one of the computers in our library room out in the open so that no locks can happen, and I will not have wasted all my Christmas money I earned working 7 days a week, 12 hours each day, for a few weeks. My daughter is slowly setting up a twitch channel and I'm setting her up a website for her art soon again. Currently it is

And as tradition will go, well, this is the first time but in the future at the beginning of every new year maybe... I'll blog a screenshot of all my desktop swappings and switch-arounds for the new year:

Currently, the top left is being copied as I took the screenshot. Nearly a terabyte in Roms/emulators will happen there, and it definitely only started today. I'll leave it going while I'm at work in a couple hours.

As my overall background mission I will be continuing work on Project Warlock 2's second full theme, as well as the buckshot software website and a lot of updates/upgrades to my own ;)


Jerry Lehr

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